Justin Bieber’s depression might be causing tension with Hailey Baldwin not Selena Gomez


    Justin Bieber and Hailey Rhode Baldwin are on the verge of a split up. The Canadian singer Justin Bieber married the American model Hailey Rhode (Baldwin) Bieber. They got engaged in July and got married during the month of November last year. However, the newlywed couple is facing major issues in their marital life.

    Justin Bieber had recently revealed about, facing depression on Instagram. He is going through a very tough time. Justin is trying his best to cope up with his depression. However, his wife, Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber, is unable to give the amount of support he needs. Justin wants Hailey to be beside him when he is going through a lot of problems. Unfortunately, Hailey cannot understand her husband’s mental condition. This leads to fights. Many times the paparazzi have captured their photographs fighting in public.

    Due to matters of trust, Hailey and Justin’s marriage is at stake. Many believe, that Justin still has some feeling for his ex-lover Selena Gomez. Justin and Selena dated each other for years. They had an off and on the relationship. During Selena and Justin’s problematic relationship, Justin dated Hailey too. However, everything came to an end between Selena and Justin in March 2018. On May 2018, Justin reconciled with his then-lover Hailey. Eventually, they got married in November 2018. Recently, Selena deleted the last photograph with her ex-lover Justin from Instagram.

    Reportedly, Justin always wants to spend some time alone, but he is always surrounded by fans and paparazzi. However, till now Hailey is sticking by her husband through these tough times. She tries to protect him from paparazzi and fans.

    The two often, travel together and try their best to mend the relationship. As things continue to be quite unstable between Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, we hope they find happiness very soon.