K-Pop Star Samuel Arrendondo’s Father Found Dead In His Home In Mexico


    Father of K-pop singer Samuel Arrendondo was found dead in his home Tuesday morning in Mexico. His body has injuries inflicted by a knife.

    Jose was a famous car dealer in Bakersfield

    Jose Arredondo, 58 was a well-known car dealer in Bakersfield, California. His dead body was found in a condominium that he owned in the coastal resort city of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The police revealed that his body showed signs of blunt force trauma. Jose was found laying on the floor with several wounds caused by a knife on his back.

    It might be a case of murder during home invasion

    The Baja California Sur state prosecutors told that they were called by someone on Tuesday who reported a dead body in a condominium. According to a family friend, Jose was killed during a home invasion on Monday night.

    There are very few details about Jose’s death and no suspects have been identified yet. A US State Department official told that they are closely monitoring the local authorities’ investigation into the murder case.

    Jose immigrated from Mexico to the US in the 1970s. In 1977, he started working at a car dealership in Mission Hills, Los Angeles where he washed cars. His career took off when he was given a chance to sell cars. He owned several dealerships in California’s Kern County and a real estate agency.

    Who is Samuel?

    Arredondo had Samuel with his Korean wife in Los Angeles in 2002. Samuel whose full name is Samuel Kim Arrendondo had acted in his father’s car dealership ads. He is currently residing in South Korea and is being managed by Korean K-pop agency Brave Entertainment.

    Samuel, 17 was a member of boy band duo 1PUNCH which was launched in 2014. His stage name was Punch. He became popular on the TV idol auditio show “Produce 101: Season 2” on Mnet in 2017. Later on, he began a solo career in singing and changed his stage name to Samuel. On 16 Nov 2017, he released his first solo album Eye Candy.

    Samuel has appeared in many Korean TV and radio shows, and commercials. He has worked for many magazine photoshoots and has appeared at fan meetings.