Kathy Zhu on her loosing the oppurtunity to compete Miss World America Pageant


    Who is Kathy Zhu?

    The first and biggest question that comes in mind is her identity. So, Kathy Zhu is a 20yr-old student of the University of Michigan. She was born in China and brought up in Kissimmee, Florida; thus, she is a Chinese-American citizen. She is also the Vice President of College Republicans in her University. Kathy was recently awarded and titled to compete the Miss World America Pageant on July 14, 2019, but right after some days that is on July 18, she was stripped of her chance to compete for the pageant over her controversial political views.

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    What exactly did happen?

    Kathy Zhu posted some controversial views on her Twitter regarding the black community and hijab. According to her in 2018 when she was competing for the pageant there was “try out hijab” booth on World Hijab day at University of Central Florida, she refused to wear hijab and questioned are they trying to suppress women into wearing hijab? And said that it’s the black on black on gun violence and the black community should solve matter amongst themselves first. To her defense, she added further these statements:
    • “I have seen this happen before. It is just not okay to be prejudiced against people who have a different political view as you.”
    • “They’re not letting people that represent another side of the story represent them. They only want someone to say things that people want to hear. And there’s а lot of things in this world thаt it’s hard to hear, but it’ the truth. It’s not even аbout а crown or а pageant. It’s аbout the fact thаt people do discriminate аgаinst people with conservative views.”

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    Michigan’s Miss World America state chair Laurie Djack, emailed and messaged her regarding her dismissal from the competition.