Katie Price and Boyson sprinkling hints of their wedding.


    The former glamour model and the super stunning 41-year-old mother of five children has been dating the 30-year-old aspiring to the reality star. They both have been sprinkling their hints on social media regarding tying a knot together.

    On social media, they also stunned the fans by sharing hints of sharing the vows too. Katie already has 5 children and she has no problem having her 6th child with her rumored husband. Just last week there was news about Katie Price asking for divorce with her ex-husband whom she married in 2013.

    Boyson also seems to be head over heels for Katie and keeping updated on Instagram. A story on Instagram showed which had a message saying, Mr &Mrs Boyson 13th July 2019. It gives us a big hint that they finally tied a knot.
    Also the stories, the fitness freak made it very clear he was heading to a wedding venue on Saturday afternoon. He also uploaded a video showing him opening a box which was showcasing a blue-colored Gucci tie.

    The fans also saw a car decorated like a wedding car which had a big ribbon of blue color tied across the bonnet. Katie was also seen talking about her divorce on the sets of My Crazy Life. As we all know the show is obviously filmed in the time ahead of the airing date, so that means it making possible that she might have finalized her divorce.
    There were tweets circulating after the buzz of their wedding.
    The fans tweeted that they aren’t surprised much!

    Well, we are really happy for Katie and hope that they will a happy life together and live happily ever after.