Katie Price spent the night with Footie Paedo Adam after he ‘bought her’


    Katie Price’s glamour quotient makes every man fantasize about her. From her dressing sense to her personality..everything is one of a kind and excites men to spend time with the item bomb.

    This time even Footie Paedo Adam Johnson could not resist Katie. In an auction, he bought  Katie for £12k and they both spent the night together. Apparently, Adam is a big Katie fan. Well, who is not ???? Every other man is a Katie fan.

    But Adam’s case is a bit different. He has Katie’s poster all over his room says one of his friends. Adam is mad for Katie and can go to any extent to win her. This time even luck was with Adam. In a bid, he gave it all to win Katie.

    While he only had £10k which was not enough to spend a night with the glamour queen, one of Adams friend lent £2k. That’s when Katie agreed to spend the night with two of them.

    Finally, Adam’s wish of spending a night with Katie got fulfilled. While the later one has always managed to make headlines with her personal life. Three back to back divorces and a life full of controversies defines Katie. On the other hand, Adam Johnson’s involvement in sexual offenses is also very well know. Now that another controversy is on its way… How will they react??? Will this whole event take the love angle???? Is there anything romantic going between Adam and Katie????

    For that, we need to wait for clarification from their end…Stay tuned for more updates on this controversial topic… What do you think about Katie and Adam???? Comment down below your views……