Katy Perry Case Verdict: Dark Horse is, indeed, copied.


    Dark Horse is a copy, what?! Yes, the jury ruled out on Monday that her song is a copy.

    Stolen music?
    Katy Perry’s Dark Horse is stolen from a Christian rap song named Joyful Noise. This Katy’s song was a super hit in 2013. She stole it from a 2009 song titled Joyful Noise.

    The artist is unknown, but that artist took Katy and her manager down really hard. In Los Angeles’ court, it was decided by nine members jury that it was indeed a stolen song. Now the case will go to another phase where we will get to know about the penalty; how much she owes to the real song producer.

    Nah, just the beats
    The main issue was focused not on lyrics or recording, but about the rhythms and notes.

    That made us think that Katy will be clean, but nope. Katy Perry, too, is to be blamed in court’s judgment. However, Katy was not present in the courtroom when this was decided. This song gained a lot of attention, and everyone loved it. It even earned Katy a Grammy nomination.

    Perry’s lawyer Christine Lepera said: “They’re trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone.”

    The verdict has been given, Katy Perry and others involved have to pay the penalty, and with the popularity of the song, we can judge that it will be a hefty sum.