Keanu Reeves being humble and not holding any grudges towards Hollywood


    Keanu Reeves, the 54 year American Actor, had a quite exciting career. He achieved a place in Hollywood by his movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. But recently he has been the Internet sensation. Fans are going gaga over Keanu’s looks, personality, choices, etc. Not oy movies his popularity and love led him to feature on big video games like Cyberpunk and Fortnite. Apart from his characters, people are attached to him emotionally; that’s why his people are curious about how he could not be holding grudges against Hollywood.

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    Why do Keanu Reeves should hold any grudge?

    As mentioned, Reeves had an exciting career; the person faced many ups and downs. Before his career took a peak success, his movies like Jhonny Mnemonic, Chain Reaction failed in the box office, and he went into doing independent films. And sadly a actor’s capabilities are judged by his box-office numbers, and thus Keanu didn’t receive the worthy movies.

    Apart from career, the person faced a difficult childhood, lost siblings, hurting love life and whatnot. And when Keanu started getting recognition from movies like John Wick franchise which got quite a good response, he became the people plus Hollywood favourite. But the actor claims he holds no such grudges. He said, “ Much of my appreciation of life has come through loss..”

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    What does it indicate?

    The Actor’s calm response surely indicates his peace with life. Life will be grateful when learn to acknowledge the failure, along with success. Being faced the hardships taught Keanu what things are worthy of, and he tried his best, and most important thing he had was positivity and hope. Thus he doesn’t think grudges are the answer to anything. The actor expected to be next seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie, but not yet confirmed.