Kelly McGillis said “she is old and fat”


    The exquisite and famous Kelly McGillis took her first breath on the earth on 9th of July 1957 at New port Beach in California and today she is 62 years old. 1.78m long Kelly is an American actress who made her debut in 1983 with the movie ‘Reuben.’ She lives with her two daughters, Sahara and Kelsey Tillman in Hendersonville located in North Carolina.


    the charm on her face and eyes made her world-famous today


    Kelly married in 1979 with Julliard student ‘Boyd Blank.’ The couple could not run their relationship for the long term and divorced in 1981 after a married life of 2 years. Kelly spent almost eight years of her experience all alone and then married to ‘Fred Tillman’ in 1989 with whom she had two children. They lived together till 2002 and then bifurcated. She met Melanie Leis in 2000 at Kelly’s and her husband’s Caribbean Bar Grill and Brewery. Kelly accepted that she was a lesbian in April 2009. Kelly and Leis married in 2010 but could lead their married life for more than a year.


    Kelly in Top Gun with Tom cruise

    Kelly’s splendid was of an Amish mother named Rachel Lapp (she is also famous with) in her movie ‘Witness’ in the year 1985. Her work in the movie was innovative that she was nominated for Golden Globe and BAFTA. Kelly received Best actress award not once or twice but three times for her role in ‘Top Gun’ loomed in 1886 and ‘Made in Heaven.’ She has done Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Andval Kilmar, playing the role of the fighter pilot. Kelly took a colossal break from 1989 with her last film as ‘Winter People’ to 1994 with playing the role of second Amish mother.

    Kelly McGills currently takes teaching classes in New York Studios for both the stage and screen roles.