Kendall Jenner and Deepika Padukone Is Ready to Surprise You with Her New Addition to Her Resume


    With 112 million followers on Instagram Kendall Jenner is indeed the most famous model on Earth. She is always busy her work but never forgets to stun us with her looks.

    Recently she amazed everyone with her look on the red carpet of Met Gala 2019 and Cannes 2019. On met gala, she was tuning with her sister Kylie Jenner who was wearing a lavender feathered naked dress, and she is in a bright orange feathered naked dress.

    Their look gain popularity and even got compared by the animated pairs of cartoon characters who share a very strong bond.

    Met Gala 2019 and Cannes 2019

    For Cannes 2019 Kendall missed Kylie’s launch party but left everyone speechless in her Barbie pink tiered high-low gown. She never leaves any chance to gain the spotlight or say spotlights always spot the beauty. At the age of 23, she is running towards success very fast. She is the brand ambassador for “Estee Lauder” and has big plans.

    Being famous, she is still very simple, and her simplicity was easily visible in her look in New York where she attended a dinner hosted by Youth Anxiety Centre for mental illness where she met Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actress.

    What Are the Future Plans of Kendall Jenner With Deepika Padukone?

    The model is very conscious about her future. Even though she has many projects like Adidas etc. but she still wants to have a career for stability. Thus she plans to debut on screen as an actress. Yes, she even did a cameo in reboot of Ocean’s 8 and this surely enough to say that she is all set to add actress in her resume.

    Kendall Jenner With Deepika Padukone

    Kendall and Kylie were seen in this year after party of Oscar awards and sources say that they both made contacts there.

    She surely has high chances to debut soon through a mega project as she is popular and gorgeous.

    Now the mystery is how and with whom she will debut? And when she will join the big screen?
    For this summer she ready to shoot in Rome, New York, and more other places to set a mark this summer. She is going to be all over the market with her supermodel status.

    Kendall Jenner is going to surprise you super soon with her acting.