Kendrick Norton lost his arm in Miami Dolphins


    On early Thursday morning, Kendrick Norton met with a major car accident while driving in the Dolphin Expressway.

    Who is Kendrick Norton?

    Kendrick Norton is a 22-year-old American football defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins. He is a great emerging player with commendable potentiality. He was drafted for National Football league by Carolina Panthers in the 7th draft. In later 2018 that is December 19, 2018, he was selected for Miami. He has a good record in playing college football in Miami itself. Many predicted a great future in the football field by his efficiency, physical fitness, and others.

    Details on the unfortunate happening 

    As mentioned in the starting the player met with an accident on the State Road 836, across Miami. According to the sources, the vehicle he was driving “Ford” turned upside down. The main reason for the accident is still unknown. Kendrick was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center for treatment. One of his officials tweeted that “ We ask you to continue to pray for him. His family also asks to respect Kendrick’s privacy”.

    Any major injuries?

    Though now the doctors declared him out of danger and the injuries not to be life-threatening, they did say that his left arm was affected and it has to be amputated. And the news was heartbreaking, losing one arm is a severe setback for the player.

    Image credits: NBC news

    Any effect on the career?

    After losing one arm for Kendrick, Norton can take his career at stake. The player earned a good reputation and recognition in the football world. And this accident which affected him physically will affect him mentally. But we never know, patience and hard work may bring everything at the same pace again. For now, we can hope and pray for his speedy recovery and wait for the player to speak himself.

    Image credits: News week