Kerry Katona’s ex George Kay died after having an ‘overdose of cocaine’.


    Details of George Kay’s sudden demise are revealed after the police investigation. Here is a complete insight as to exactly what happened. Read the article to know more-

    On July 6, George was found dead in his hotel room. As per police, an extra dose of cocaine is the reason for George’s death. Recently, the police department released a statement after a thorough investigation.

    The night before his death, George’s behavior was erratic reported the hotel staff. He was high on drug and was extremely rude with the staff. George even refused to go to his hotel room, which forced the staff to call the police. Later everything was sorted after the police team appeared on the location.

    It was the next day, on July 6 morning that the housekeeping staff went to check George after the previous night’s drama. They were shocked to see George eating the undesirable amount of cocaine, which is often harmful to human health. Within a few seconds, George became unconscious. Ambulance and police were called immediately, but nothing could rescue George. The rugby player lost his life.

    Is this a suicide?

    Later investigations were launched, but sadly police could not find out the reason behind George’s death. But it is believed that it was a suicide attempt. What compelled George to take this drastic step?

    Days after George’s death, Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor tweeted expressing grief on his death. Moreover, he targeted Kerry Katona and called this entire episode a planned murder. As per Matt, George was seeking his help in order to meet his daughter.  Kerry has denied his access to their daughter. This was the reason, George was in a mental trauma for the past few months. As of now, we are counting on this theory until the investigation concludes.

    But Kerry’s close friends say she is devastated after George’s death. Let us see what Kerry replies to Matt after his murder allegation.