Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes reunites as Silent Bob and Jay

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    Kevin Smith’s new upcoming movie “Jay and Silent Bob reboot” began shooting early this year on February 25. After one year of Kelvin’s heart attack due to which he had undergone lots of rest and treatment.

    Who is Jay and Silent Bob?

    They both are a fictional character from Kevin’s movies, which are played by Jason Mewes and Kelvin smith respectively (Jay and Silent Bob). They both are born in Leonardo, New Jersey in 1970s.

    According to the movies, they were met as infants only. Silent Bob has dark hairs, beard, wear a long coat and a backwards baseball cap, who have a habit of smoking heavily.

    Jay has long blond hairs and is slim. He wears a black knit cap. Also speaks very fluently in contrast with Silent Bob who is usually silent.

    According to Smith, the character of Jay is ambisexual though he is found to be very fond of women he loves both.

    First appearance

    “Clerks”, is the first movie released in 1994 who launched the characters for the very first time. The spent most of the time in the film while selling Marijuana (the drugs) in front of the convenience store. Even in the animated movie “Clerks: The animated series” they were shown selling illegal fireworks.

    Jay and Silent Bob reboot

    Kevin Smith is the director, writer and the actor of the movie. He is indeed very talented to play so many roles in one video.

    After 2001, “Jay and Silent Bob strike back” they are reuniting with this project. In that movie, Jay and Silent Bob caught wind that the comic based on their lives, Bluntman and Chronic, was being turned into a film. The news didn’t sit well with them, and the boys ventured off to Hollywood to do whatever it took to stop the movie from being made.

    Thus we will find both of them stopping the “Bluntman and Chronic” in Hollywood in the Reboot.

    Earlier in an interview Mewes revealed that the script is fantastic and the strangest part is Jay and bob making fun of reboots. When actually are in one.

    We all are looking forward to seeing the movie very soon after so many fans are really excited to see their favourite characters together.

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