Kim Kardashian & Kanya West to set A$AP Rocky free from Swedish jail.


    Early this month A$AP Rocky was arrested on the basis of sexual assault charges. His arrest has evoked a nationwide outrage. A #freerocky movement has widely been the center of attention on social media.

    The entire nation is furious and wants justice for their favorite rapper, Rocky. Even this incident has taken the music world by storm. Musicians and rappers all over the state are demanding Rocky’s freedom.

    A few days back, the very famous Snoop Dogg broke silence on this matter and urged Kanya West to get their fellow rapper out of jail. Along with Snoop Dogg, other eminent personalities believe that only Kim Kardashian can set  A$AP Rocky free. They are requesting Kanya to ask for help from Kim.

    They see a ray of hope only if Kim jumps in and takes charge of this case. Kim’s strong connections with jail reforms can help Rocky to a great extent. Well, in the past, also, Kim has always stood against injustice. That’s when Kim used her White House contacts to get in touch with Trump.

    Reportedly she spoke to Trump’s son in law who is a very good friend of her. Later she even succeeded in dragging Trump in this matter. As per sources, Trump also believes that this is not at all justified action against the rapper by Sweden Jurisdiction.

    Trump has set teams who are diligently working towards setting Rocky free from all the accusations. That’s good news for fans. Soon their superstar will be back to the country. Currently Rocky is behind bars on sexual assault charges. The singer posted some pictures on social media, which revealed that he was harassed prior to his arrest.

    Now that he is in jail, the star is facing third-degree torture.  That’s not fair. No law can harm the suspect unless proved guilty.