Kim Kardashian West: won 2.7 million dollars by California court.


    Kim Kardashian West is a prominent celebrity known by the whole world. She is always busy with her affairs, and she is not just a big personality but a businesswoman model, actress, and socialite. Her recent big news plainly shows how it goes wrong when someone messes with her.

    She is always concern about the original things and the hard work behind them. In her February Twitter post, she said: “It’s devastating to see these fashion companies rip off designs that have taken the blood, sweat, and tears of true designers who have put their all into their original ideas.”

    A US armed company named “Misguided,” which is an online company who sells fake new trending clothes. Recently the company gained attention when it sold a black bikini in just 1 Euro on which many media sites said that it is the part of the industry and the clothes celebrities wear are not used again by them.

    What is the case?

    According to California court Kim filed a case against Misguided as the company used her name and persona to sell its products. The company posted the picture of a golden dress, which was very similar to the one which Kim wore recently. A source close to Missguided’s management said that it had not copied or intended to copy any of Ms. Kardashian West’s clothes.



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    The company didn’t say anything in court to protect itself. It is not new at all to copy the clothes and then to sell them at a cheap price but because of social media and technology that is so enriched now that today it is possible to catch the fake clothes soon.
    California court awarded Kim with 2.7 million dollars for her work. The company also have to pay her penalty of 6o,ooo dollars and now can’t sell any more fake dresses using the names of celebrities without any concern.

    Kim has 143M+ followers on her Instagram account. She promotes her fashion and product line, which she launched and operates with her husband.