Kristy Swanson goes pro-Trump; Tells “glee” actor to go back to ‘America’s Hat’


    Recently Kristy Swanson clashed with an actor over politics. The British Columbia born actor had shared something which did not go along with Trump’s campaign. This allowed Kristy Swanson to show how much she supports Trump by saying to this critic to leave America.

    This actor is none other than Patrick Gallagher, who is famous for his role as Coach Tanaka in Glee and is now facing an army of trolls. Gallagher had posted tweets to which the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, Swanson, took offense.

    Kristy Swanson has started to go pro-Trump, and this development was seen recently. In this, she is not alone. The actress is accompanied by Dean Cain, who is also a Trump supporter. She tweeted against Gallagher and told him that she would buy him a one-way ticket to Canada.

    Gallagher, who is a Canadian, also holds U.S. citizenship. Thus he is actively participating by sharing his thoughts. He wrote in a tweet, “Now we have one of many worst human beings in America as POTUS…Sorry, are we nice but?”

    To this Swanson replied, “You’re a Canadian making a dwelling as an ‘actor’ in The USA of America” She further continued by saying if he is so embarrassed by her ‘Nation’ which is helping him to place meals in his desk, she will be happy to buy him one way ticket to Canada.

    In her tweet, she referred to Canada as ‘America’s Hat.’