Kylie Jenner copies Kim’s style? Also Kylie’s latest pics


    Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly one of most influential women when it comes to trends and outfits. And if there is any doubt at all regarding the kind of influence she has, look at the billion-dollar makeup business created by her from scratch.

    The makeup mogul was on a FOMO inducing trip with her girlfriends. And as expected of Kylie she shared many pics of her from the trip. What’s that to do with us? Well, firstly enjoy the pics and secondly take all the style cues you can gather from the pics. Being the influential person she is in the fashion world, taking tips from her clothing and styling is the most beneficial thing you can do for your looks. There’s no telling when her style becomes trending, so it’s a good idea to take tips from her and become few firsts of actually sporting the future trending style. Although let’s be honest, there’s a short window for trying to be the first ones copying her style.

    All the pics shared by Kylie had one thing in common. We can see Kylie focusing on her long hairs for the pics. She is either seen flaunting her long open hair or styled in a long braid. However, Kylie is back from the trip, and it seems that she wants to set a new trend. Kylie now sports a long bob, and she looks stunning as ever. Kylie revamped herself real fast as in her latest pics she can be seen wearing an all-black outfit with pink heels and sunglasses.

    But where have we seen the long Bob hairstyle before? If you are wondering why Kylie’s hairstyle looks so similar, then think no more. Kylie’s hairstyle is an exact copy of her elder sister, Kim Kardashian’s look from their Grandma’s party. Kylie has been seen copying Kim’s look on many occasions, and it seems that she hasn’t given up on it. And getting influenced by someone like Kim’s style can never be harmful, even if you are one of the most influential people in the fashion world.