Kylie Jenner’s Recent Instagram Post Facing Criticism? Check Out What Is It?


    Kylie Jenner, the quasi self-made billionaire businesswoman, is promoting her new line of cosmetics. For this, she came up with videos and pictures on her social media accounts where she has a great fan following. But the buzz that should be there for her new cosmetics products was not there at all. What we have seen was the viewers trolling her over getting plastic surgery.

    The Havoc On Instagram

    Firstly the 21-year-old posted a video to promote the new range of Kylie cosmetics. And on the following day, we have witnessed a photo of her from the same shoot. In the picture, she donned nothing but a see-through chain bodysuit. The caption that was taken for the picture was “Summer Body ?”. No doubt, the post was clearly for the promotion of Kylie’s new coconut body lotion.

    As soon as the picture was posted the motive of posting it went into a pit, and something else emerged. The viewers started to speculate how Kylie got the body. Even they reached to a conclusion that Kylie has gone through plastic surgery for the body.

    If we go through the trolls, then they were like “a body you didn’t work for tho ?”, “Only the scar on the leg is real” and “how much did your summer body cost tho”.

    Other comments claimed “more like surgery body, not summer body whe [sic] all know you was a skinny white girl now you have wide hips” and “Yasss show what ya doc gave you ????”.

    Viewers Responses On Twitter

    These above Instagram comments were not the end as Kylie received the same response across all social media platforms where she uploaded the promotional picture. On Twitter, the responses were different in the sense that memes were used to criticize her body there.

    Some of them are here:

    Notably, In February, Kylie has accepted that she got fillers on her face. But we haven’t heard anything about other parts that are gone through from any king of surgery. So it should be like her other parts are not something she gets from plastic surgery.