Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are trying their hands in different genres too


    These days the musicians are trying their hands in many different genres too. And we can see how gracefully they are adapting it and making themselves shine brighter.

    Similarly, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus both are having a great time acting and making it big for themselves. Before receiving her first Oscar, she has appeared in other works too but totally nailed it in her recent work and proved to be a bonafide actor.
    She was already a world-renowned musician but she had her acting areas limited and producers quite got confused about giving her lead roles.

    But co-star and first time filmmaker Bradley Cooper believed in her and it just showed us how right he was! Lady Gaga’s performance in “A Star was Born” was undeniably a power pack performance with very fine acting delivered by Lady Gaga and we are very proud of her.

    Meanwhile, Miley has also proved herself in Black Mirror a Netflix series which was controversial and Miley ended up doing a fantastic job. We did know about it and was totally surprised to see her as Ashely O.  We are looking forward to more of the upcoming and interesting performances from them as they are doing it best.

    Just like them, they are few others who are musicians and good actors both. Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls was entirely loved by audiences. Though it wasn’t her first time on screen as she previously apoeaapp in American Idol which she did not win, but her acting debut in 2006 won many hearts. Dreamgirls was directed by Bill Condon

    With this multi-talented stars surprising us every day, it is very hard to not stalk them and expect more from them, because we like to get surprised, don’t we !?