Lashana Lynch will be the New James Bond 077? Daniel Craig will take Retirement?


    Black Actress Lashana Lynch will be the new 007, but she will not be the James Bond, and Daniel Craig will take retirement in the upcoming 25th James Bond

    Filming of the new James Bond movie has already begun in Jamaica. The movie has not been titled yet. In April, the cast of 25th Bond Film which is produced by Eon was also announced in Jamaica.

    It is being reported since 2012 that a woman will play the James Bond, but we have got nothing like that.

    Recently, it was said Lashana Lynch would be new 007, and she has already joined the team of James Bond, but she will not be the James Bond.


    Casting a black female actor as legacy characters are proved to be a great step towards eliminating and rectifying the historical racism and sexism that has led to the disproportionate number of those characters being played by white men.

    This is only one step against discrimination. Hence, writers shall write characters for Black Women with respect. As they equally deserve worth and respect and heroes character.

    It is just revealed that Daniel Craig will pass the Walter PPK to Black Actress Lashana Lynch.