Latest Budget 2019? Everthing You Need To Know About Indian Budget 2019 From Nirmala Sitharaman


    Nirmala Sitharaman breaks the British ritual on the budget day. She proved that we Indians have our own ritual and rules. We are not depended on anyone else.

    How She Break The British Ritual?

    India’s first full-time woman finance minister presented the Budget on Friday. Nirmala Sitharaman did differently with the traditional brown briefcase that all of her male counterparts have used to carry budget documents in, in the past.

    Instead, she carried a traditional four-fold red cloth, like we used to wrap our religious texts. She revealed that we Indians have our culture and we should follow this.

    Reason Behind This Revolution By Sitharaman

    Sitharaman said that her family suggested her to ditch the briefcase for the traditional four-fold red cloth. She revealed that she wanted to “get out of a colonial hangover.”

    Red-colored bahi-khatha (ledger) notebooks are considered as auspicious for money matters in Indian traditions. And the traders keep their account files in these notebooks to bring in prosperity and because it means to worship the goddess of wealth.

    In an attempt to liberate the Budget presentation, Sitharaman neglected the western legacy of a sophisticated briefcase. And she carried the red-colored ‘bahi khatha’ in her hands.

    Another reason why the finance minister gave leather briefcase a drop is because she considers leather products to be inauspicious. Sitharaman believes that leather made products are not auspicious for the big occasion or event. And so she avoided the leather bag and took the basic-khata wrapped in the pious red cloth.

    Origin Of Following The Red Suitcase 

    In 1860, British budget chief William Ewart used a red suitcase. The red suitcase used by Gladstone had Queen’s monogram adorned gold to carry his bundle of budget papers.

    It took 133 years to abolish the British red suitcase in India. But it is new India, new government and importantly “Modi-Neeti” again.

    Cheers to a new victory of India over Britishers after long years.