Latest update on BTK the serial killer


    Meaning of BTK

    So apparently BTK means the serial killer himself gave ” Blind Torture Kill” and this name. His real name is Dennis Lynn Rader, from the year 1974- 1991 the man killed ten people mysteriously, took their photos, etc. And after a long hiatus of almost seven years, he returned in the year 2004 and leading to his arrest in 2005. It is said that he had sexual fetish for women, he stalked them, murdered them, wore their clothes, and dumped their bodies.

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    His Crimes

    His first victim was a family titled Otero in the year 1974 where he killed the father, mother, and two children of age 9 and 11, and the eldest son found their bodies. Then it went into Kathryn Bright, Shirley Vian, Nancy Fox, Marine Hedge, Dotorus E Davis, and Vicki Wegerle. Rader used to tease the Wichita police department my mocking the deaths and also said he wanted national attention.

    It started in 2004 when he first sent a letter to KAKE STATIONS which acclaimed as the BTK story of how he murdered and all. Then “Sexual Thrill is my bill” at Corner of a first stop sign in Kansas. Then one day he asked the police that if he can send a floppy disk without being traced. To which they replied in a newspaper ad “ Relax it will be okay.”

    Later through that floppy disk, he was traced and arrested in the year 2005.

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    His daughter

    After so many years his daughter Kerri Rawson came in front media and revealed all the “sweet” letters her father had written for her being behind bars. They were birthday cards beautifully drawn. She said that it was tough initially, but now she had forgiven her father. Rader is serving life imprisonment in El Dorado Correctional Facility – Central.