Lawsuit For A$AP Rocky: Trouble In Sweden? Now what is the issue?


    Rakim Mayers or better known with name A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden and was charged with a serious Lawsuit.


    A$AP Rocky was arrested in Stockholm in early June after a club fight. There were two men more who were arrested with Rocky and were charged with the same. A video was found as evidence which had the fight footage. A$AP claims that he had acted in self-defense. The prosecutor claims that a serious crime has been committed even if it is a case of self-defense or provocation. The trial date is due 30 July.

    Source:- XXL Mag

    Not all the footage but some footage has been made public. The prosecutor claims that he will play these videos in the court and prove his point. In Sweden, the laws go as far as two years of jail in case of harm during the assault. President Trump put out a tweet in which he assured the legal justice in case of A$AP’s case.

    The prosecutor says that he is focusing on investigating this case as quickly as possible. Though he foretold that investigating an assault case involving three people within three weeks is a short time. ASAP and the two other arrested guys have yet not received any kind of bail as a risk of them leaving the country arose. Mr.Suneson has told that he still hasn’t spoken to any kind of White House representative.

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    The prosecutor was also alleged for racism but the officials have denied the presence of any kind of hidden agendas. The hip-hop industry can not lose any more artist but that does not mean that justice would be partial. Rapper G-Eazy claims that ASAP Rocky’s stay in the prison is an example of Racism. G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden last year with possession of Drugs but was given bail in half a day with $10,000 fine. How the case goes will be seen on 30 July.