Legendary Brazilian singer, João Gilberto has passed away at the age of 88. Cause of Death revealed by doctor


    The legendary singer who had avant-garde the bossa nova music genre in the 1950s has sadly passed away at the age of 88.

    Marcelo Gilberto, the son of legendary singer João Gilberto, made a Facebook post confirming his father death. “His fight was noble, he tried to maintain dignity.” Marcelo Gilberto writes. João Gilberto died peacefully at his home in Rio de Janeiro on 6th July. Reports say that he died because of an underlying period of illness.

    Born as the son of a wealthy merchant in Juazeiro, the north-east state of Bahia, Gilberto started playing and singing music at the age of 18.

    The principal architect of the bossa nova introduced this genre in early 1958. The bossa nova is a majestic mixture of his guitar style, samba music, and modern jazz. Basically, this guy was a master in influencing traditional music with modern music.

    Quiet Nights from the artist was one of the remarkable music that the whole world was obsessed along with The Girl from Ipanema, Lobo bobo, Doralice making the list of most celebrated songs.

    His intelligence in music has helped him to receive the Grammy. This came after the artist collaborated with American saxophone player Stan Getz. Their album was a worldwide phenomenon that earned them the Album of the year at The Grammys. The same album sold millions and millions of copies worldwide.

    Reports said that Gilberto was living alone in the Rio often haunted by depression and financial crisis. Yet the real reason for his death hasn’t been disclosed.