Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua cheated on her with Nicole Murphy, caught him making out with her in Italy


    Guess who was kissing Lela Rochon’s husband! Antoine Fuqua was caught locking his lips with a girl.

    It was a romantic trip to Italy

    Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua were having a great time kissing, not just a kiss on the cheek. It was a proper smooch. Nicole explained that it was just a friendly kiss, considering their family closeness. Isn’t it interesting? Nicole was wearing a bikini while Antoine was only in a towel. This picture was taken in Italy. It was leaked, and everyone was in shock.Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua kissing

    Nicole quickly responded to the leaked images as: “We are just family friends. I ran into him, so we just exchanged a kiss.” Just a kiss, a smooch, a friendly one. Maybe we could have accepted that excuse if they were found on a different occasion and not kissing on the lips.

    Lela deleted her Instagram and Twitter

    Lela Rochon is Antonie’s wife, and after the incident, it looks like she has deleted her Instagram and Twitter. If this was not enough for her, Lisa Raye let the world know that Nicole had messed his man too. It was too much for Lela to digest. Any woman would have done the same. Hopefully, Antoine will learn a lesson and Nicole should stop stealing other women’s men.

    Their this Ischia’s trip has cost them a lot. Fuqua and Lela have two beautiful children, and they are married since 1999. We do not know if Lela will be getting a divorce or forgive her husband and her babies father.