Lil Wayne in a collaboration with American Eagle for his new clothing line


    Now stores will be flooded with clothes Lil Wayne wears. So good news for Lil Wayne fans. Here’s how this amazing thing happened, which was so unlikely.

    Lil Wayne whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is an American rapper,  singer, songwriter, actor,  entrepreneur, record executioner.

    How it all started?

    Recently the rapper has signed for a collaboration with a famous teen-focused brand of clothing. It was not likely to happen but looking after the brand has been a popular thing among everyone, this is a step in the right direction.

    Lil Wayne is also so excited and amazed with this deal. He said, “My fan wear and love the brand, so we came together to co-create a collection that blends my personality with American Eagle’s iconic style.

    Just a photoshoot or something else?

    In the very beginning, he thought it was just a photoshoot but later when he saw the sample hoodies and jeans and other clothing. Then Lil’ Wayne realized it was not a small thing and he’s now working with No. 2 denim retailer of US.

    The clothing line with Young Money branding as seen in pictures of Lil Wayne will be a 25 piece product line with tie-dye denim jackets, shorts, T-shirts and distressed jeans too. The prices of the collection start from $8 to $100.

    What American Eagle’s creative director has to say

    The product will be revealed on July 30 and available for the purchase at stores on August 10. Michael Goldberg,  American Eagle’s creative director, said, “This is authentic because American Eagle customers are the kids of America. Our customers are Gen Z, and youth culture embodies creativity, individuality, and all kids love music. So, as an iconic artist who pushes culture forward, Wayne is the perfect fit for the American Eagle customer. We stand for individuality and self-expression, and who better to represent that than Lil Wayne?”