Lili Reinhart breakup with Cole Sprouse confirmed ?


    The Riverdale Star

    Lili Reinhart is mostly known for her series Riverdale where she plays Betty Cooper adapted for the comic Archies through a more darker version. She is of 22 years and ruling over the Internet. Her career initially started in 2010, and she did various films, guest starring, etc. Some of her movies are “ Not waving but drowning”, “The king of summer”, “ The good neighbourhood” and others. Some of her upcoming works are Riverdale season 4, Chemical Hearts by Richard Tanne where she is acting opposite Austin Abrams.

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    Her break up news

    Lili Reinhart has always been private about her love life even after there were rumours of her dating her co-star Cole Sprouse from Riverdale. They never confirmed it in a strong statement but became open about it after posting pictures of and about each other. They made an appearance in the event of the tear year “Met Gala” together looking stunning. But recently in the San Diego Comic-Con, they seemed a little distant, and some inside need said that the couple broke up, a since then there was news with headlines about the rumoured break up. Some fans even got emotional and took social media to express their disappointment.

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    Lili and Cole’s take on the news

    They didn’t answer anything directly but instead took a sarcastic way to reply. Lol I Reinhart took Instagram to post a cover photo of the couple where she added the caption “ BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you knows shit” and the same picture Cole Sprouse posted with a caption “ Unprecedented: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart consume the flesh of “reliable sources” to fuel their bacchanalian sex cult”. This means either they haven’t broken up or are in good terms and tired of the news. Whatever it might be, we should wait for them to give a statement.