“Little Shop of Horrors” : Seymour, Audrey and Orin are back in the musical


    The 1986 musical “Little shop of horrors” is ready to scare you this Halloween. Recently the team announced about the cast and everything else.


    Jonathan Drew Groff as “Seymour,” Tammy Blanchard as Audrey and Christian Borle as Orin. Earlier in 1986, the roles were played by Rick Moranis (Seymour), Ellen Greene (Audrey) and Steve Martin (Orin).

    Tammy Blanchard will also sing the song of the musical named “Suddenly Seymour.”

    Story: Little Shop Of Horrors

    image credit: playbill.com

    As per the last plot, the story revolves around the florist, Seymour. He has love interests in his co-worker, Audrey He somehow cultivates a plant which eats humans for his need of blood. Now the whole human line is a threat of it as the requirement is never satisfying and is consuming everyone.

    little shop of horrors (image credit: longislandadvace)+

    First, Seymour feeds the plant with the body of Orin. Orin was Audrey’s boyfriend who died accidentally. After one feeding the plant needs more, and now this is the task for Seymour to fulfill the need for flesh and blood.

    The rock musical tickets are starting to sell in September, book your show.