Lizzo sets the tiny desk concert on fire with her powerful vocals!


    Many artists see the Tiny Desk Concert as a big opportunity to explore themselves.

    Lizzo and the Tiny Desk Concert
    Mostly when one goes to the concerts, it is full in buzzing, people checking equipment to some working in the green rooms to perfect every bit. But one of the stars needed none of that jazz, she herself was the jazz. Lizzo entered the stage and set it on fire with her powerful voice. Nearly everyone had their hair swaying back from her magical voice. Lizzo joined in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, but I am sure it is no tinier after her bang on performance. This 31-year-old artist sang “Cuz I Love You” flawlessly.

    The band was small, but her spirit
    Lizzo’s group was tiny, and only four pieces were available, she sang “Truth Hurts” and “Juice.” These solos showed her powerful vocals. Many beautiful dancers backed her vocals, and the songs were choreographed perfectly. This singer is very gifted. She got a fantastic voice, amazing dancing skills, and a lovely personality. Lizzo made a big event out of a tiny concert. We hope to see more artists like her in the future.

    If every artist could do even half as much as Lizzo did, then tiny concerts would have been people’s new favorite concerts.