Love Island: A show that has elevated to a global phenomenon


    Love island is a show where singles are accumulated and are made to compete against each other. Potential is measured based on the swiftness of the singles to get partners for themselves.

    Love Island Overview

    Love Island, as the name suggests, is a series holding story which revolves around the lives of the teenagers encompassing phases of their lives. The aspects include love, breakups, and other issues as well. Love island is considered the American counterpart of the British dating season. The series was released in the year 2018, i.e. the year before the current. ITV Studios have produced it.

    The Plot

    Love island

    The story is about 16 young singles who label themselves “islanders.” They stay in an isolated island named luxe villa. To avoid eviction, they must find their perfect partners. The series records each of their moves and motives. Each of their lives and psychological states is recorded with acute intricacy. There is a competition going on, and the winner would secure a massive amount of money. The story is directed towards the clichéd goals of the 21st century that is money, love, and friendship. Though love and friendship could get compromised for money. Any of the singles who fails to manage a partner would be abandoned and would no more be one of the teenagers.

    The Us Version of Love Island

    The US version of love island was named big brother. The show was themed on the same grounds, which is a race for love, friendship and of course money.

    The Growth of the show

    The show has gradually progressed to a global phenomenon. It is a show which is quite popular amongst teenagers as it somewhat reflects the real life of teenagers. There have been multiple seasons after the first and many more seasons are likely to be filmed soon.