Love Island Maura Higgins setting eyes on Curtis Pritchard, here we are to reveal in detail


    Love Island is the most controversial shows one could find on television. The reality show is full of break-ups, patch-ups, and gossip. This week’s episode brought a different angle to the show… Well, here we are to reveal very bit in detail… Stay tuned if you are a Love Island fans.

    This week started with Amy Hart suddenly quitting the show. She later revealed in an interview that her breakup with Curtis has caused a lot of mental trauma. Now for the sake of her mental well-being, Amy stepped out of the show.

    It was quite heartbreaking for fans when Amy and Curtis announced their split up. While everyone is in shock but it seems Maura is the happiest being in this case. Somewhere deep down her heart, she likes Curtis. His smile is really cute and I love that, says Maura in a recent question-answer round.

    Curtis Pritchard has also moved on and is ready to team up with Maura for rest of the game. In the last episode, the couple exchanged their first kiss on the show… The temperature inside the villa is soaring up for sure and this will continue in upcoming weeks.

    After that Maura gave a sensuous lap dance to Curtis… He could not resist and enjoy her lap dance to the fullest. On the other hands, fans are speculating that Maura is just doing this to sustain in the game. If that’s the case … Then well done Maura your strategy is working. But please don’t break Pritchard’s heart. He is a lovely guy and the audience loves him.

    Stay tuned and continue watching Love Island and find out what the contestants are up to… Let some romance add spice to the game!!!