Love Island’s Amy Hart spotted cosying up with fellow islander Callum


    Its a brand new beginning for Love Island contestants Amy Hart and Callum Macleod.  It seems as if Amy has moved on. She has found out the love of her life. This lucky man is no other than fellow islander Callum Macleod.

    These are not any kind of rumors. Amy’s social media uploads are proof that both these celebrities are enjoying each other’s company. This week Amy walked out of the villa after she was dumped by her partner Curtis.

    She was heartbroken after the show. But now her heartbreak is under the healing process. This time a fellow contestant is there beside her. Amy took to her insta and updated her status, which featured both Amy and Callum. Moreover, she inserted a heart emoji, which made it even more special.

    Amy and Callum attended a summer party along with other fellow islanders. But their chemistry made people go crazy. Fans are of the opinion that both of them will make a fabulous couple. Though Amy and Callum haven’t yet announced their relation. But such snaps make it clear that they are very cozy with each other.

    Amy had a terrible time inside the villa. She took 12 therapies to calm herself down. She was affected mentally. Thus she chose to quit the show. Something special was waiting for Amy outside the villa. The very handsome Callum could be the perfect match for Amy.

    Hopefully this time she gets everything that she deserves — still waiting to hear from them about their relationship status.

    Well, it is very well known that Love Island is the most controversial show. Split ups and breakups are very common on that show. But it is really interesting to see a beautiful relation shaping up between ex-contestants Amy and Callum.