Love Island’s new couple: Anna and Jordan share their first kiss in the villa


    Things got really dramatic for viewers of Love Island on Sunday evening. Rather it became romantic with a particular couple sharing their first kiss on the reality show…. Any guesses???? Don’t worry if you have missed out on the episode, we are here to reveal this juicy bit of information.

    Actually, one of the participants Anna got stuck between two boys Ovie and Jordan. She was confused to make her choice and pick between the two guys. Initially, she played the game with Ovie and viewers quite liked their chemistry. But Anna thinks otherwise… She could not hide her feelings for Jordan. Couple Alert!!!! Love Island’s new couple is here !!!! They won’t let others win the reality show. Beware!!!!!

    In the later part of the episode, Anna was seen disusing with Ovie about her bond with Jordan. Finally, she realizes it…and then she went to Jordan. The couple was all alone when things went out of control and they ended up kissing each other. While Jordan was already in love with Anna, it was high time that she realized her love for Jordan as well. They are already setting a couple goals.

    But some of Love Island fans criticized Anna for this kind of move. Fans took to social media and called her hypocrite as she previously slammed model Danny Williams for doing the exact same thing with Arabella Chi earlier in the series.

    Is she being hypocrite??? Or is she playing her game???? Has she really found love???? Well for answers to such questions continue watching Love Island. Also, stay tuned because we are here to provide you with the latest piece of information.

    What do you think… Is Anna playing her game or she really likes Jordan??? Comment down your views…