Love Story: Vinnie Jones first met his wife Tanya Jones when they were 12


    Love stories never end… These stories become immortal….. Somewhat same goes for Vinnie Jones and Tanya Jones.

    Love gives you direction. It empowers you to reach great heights. It enlightens your world. Only your partner’s view and opinions matter when you are in love. But what when you are left alone for the rest of your life??? What when you both get separated by a strong force called death????

    Your life gets shattered… You are mentally, physically and emotionally broken. But then you again start your journey with memories of your beloved. You keep on recalling your love story and that gives you strength.

    Last Saturday which means on July 6, Vinnie lost his beloved wife Tanya Jones. Extremely unfortunate but this cant is escaped. She died in Vinnie’s arms in their LA after a long illness.

    Later the entire family was shocked and mourned Tanya’s early demise. But Vinnie seemed to remember his wife. In an interview, he revealed that they first met when they were just 12. They went out for a mini date when they were 16. Then destiny parted them and both got busy in their lives.

    Years after Vinnie saw Tanya rollerskating outside his window. He was happy to see Tanya and they started meeting frequently after that. Eventually, he came to know about Tanya’s divorce and that’s when the couple started seeing each other romantically. They dated for two years. Then Vinnie met Tanya’s father and presented his marriage proposal.

    Finally, in 1994, they got married. 25 years of togetherness… Amazing!!!!!  They were together whenever their relation underwent a difficult phase… Both were diagnosed with skin cancer back in 2013. Vinnie recovered but Tanya’s case turned out to be a series one. Thus we lost her…

    May her soul rest in peace ……