Maisie Williams to return in Game of Thrones spin-off on one condition !!


    Much loved Maisie Williams is supposed to be on board for Game of Thrones spin-off. The character of Arya Stark is the backbone of Game of Thrones series. Maisie brought this character to life all throughout eight seasons.

    Now that Game of Thrones had its climax with season 8 on May 2019. Makers are up with another project of this massive franchise. They are planning for a prequel which would go on floors once the script gets ready.

    Much rumored spin-off of  Game of Thrones is also the next lined up project. The spin-off will enter the shooting phase when the casting part gets sorted. Who would be starring in the spin-off? As of now its a big secret though we are speculating that Maisie Williams will definitely make it to the star cast.

    Maisie has done a phenomenal job from the very beginning. Her casting would be the most crucial one. The spin-off plot will be Maisie’s side of the story. It is assumed that the spin-off will focus on Arya Stark’s journey.

    But it won’t be that easy to cast this young superstar. She has her own terms and conditions. If makers accept her demands, then we will get to see Maisie in the upcoming release.

    What is her condition? Is she asking for a huge fee? Or is she throwing some kind of tantrums?

    Well, her demand is not that hard to accept. She just wants comfortable costumes. That’s it. Quite acceptable! In these summers we hardly like to go for denim, and these stars have to wear leather costumes for a long duration of time.

    In a recent interaction, the star presented her small demand in front of the makers. Let’s hope makers agree to it and let these stars go easy on their styling.