Man Beats his Girlfriend Unconscious Because She Refused To Abort Their Baby!


    Charles Tenpenny who tried to destroy Naomi Rosado’s life. A 17-year-old girl was threatened just because she was pregnant.

    Let’s Know The Whole Story

    Naomi was a teenager and was just 17 when she left her home and chosen Charles to live with. Her mother didn’t allow her but afterwards, she gave her permission.

    In the beginning, it was very nice. As every relationship looks like. But time started turning soon.

    How Things Become Disgusting

    Charles and Naomi were no more in love. And Charles becomes verbally abusive. Naomi used to fear and cry a lot due to Charles behaviour. And then suddenly Naomi realized that she is living in a physically and mentally abusive relationship.

    But she didn’t want to leave Charles at all. One day Naomi realized that she has skipped her periods and might be pregnant. She talked about this and Charles responded that she will have to abort the baby as she will become an awful mother.

    Naomi was confused and cried a lot. She then decided that she will ignore it like she was not pregnant. But after a few months, it was difficult to hide her pregnancy. She collapsed one day at her house and one of her friends took her to the hospital.

    She was treated medically. Her family and Charles came to see her. Charles looked happy and excited about her pregnancy. But who knows what will happen next.

    The Deadly Night

    Charles told everyone that Naomi has cheated on him. And this baby doesn’t belong to him. Naomi argued about this and Charles hurt her with a gunshot. The bullet touched her brain and passed away. Charles called up police and said that someone else has hurt her.

    After a few days when she came out of the coma, she told the police that it was Charles who did this.

    Naomi then gave birth to a baby boy. And faced Charles in the court. He was sentenced to 25 years of jail. Though he got his punishment Naomi’s left eye has been lost permanently.

    It’s just that you should always come out from the abusive relationship. Stay alert!!!