Man finds True Love after getting Blinded & Scarred in Acid Attack by Ex-Gf


    Love will find it’s away. Daniel Rotariu has married her carer, Anna Catania. Though he has never seen her but loves her, he is not able to see her due to the awful injuries inflicted on him.

    Love Makes Life Live

    Daniel Rotariu thought he will never find love and care now in his life. He believed that his life has come to an end, and everything is finished.

    But love knocked on his door. He met Anna Catania, she helped and supported him at a rehab center. He has never seen Anna Catania and didn’t know how she looks. And here, love wins.

    Man Blinded And Scarred By Ex In Acid Attack Finds Love And Now Married

    Wedding Of The Love Birds

    *After the attack, I never thought this would happen to me, but it was wonderful.”

    “But it just felt unbelievable to be marrying the woman I love after everything I’ve been through. I hope my story gives hope to others.” – Daniel Rotariu

    “It was the happiest day of my life. The best moment was when we were pronounced husband and wife. That was really special. I felt very excited when I was walking down the aisle, but I only wished that Daniel could see me.”

    “I really loved my dress and my hair and make-up, but because he has no vision, he’s never known what I look like. But it was really emotional because of everything we’ve been through.” – Anna Catania

    This pair was living in Nottingham and tied the knot at a Catholic church in Daniel’s home town of Timisoara, Romania. They invited 80 guests, and Anna’s son Jack was among them.

    Life Ending Story Of Daniel Rotariu

    Daniel met Katie Leong on January 2015, and both moved together into a new house in Leicester.  Katie told Daniel when they began their relationship that she is 36 but was 50.

    Man Blinded And Scarred By Ex In Acid Attack Finds Love And Now Married

    And the life-shattering day was in July 2016. He was laying on his bed, and Katie poured half a liter of acid on him.

    “I had been sleeping alone after another argument with Katie, and as I came round, it felt like she was throwing hot water on me. I didn’t know if it was a dream. The shock, the pain, that burning sensation. I leaped up, and then I felt in my mouth it was acid, not water.”

    Man Blinded And Scarred By Ex In Acid Attack Finds Love And Now Married

    “My right eye became foggy. Then my other eye left me. Everything went white like a very thick fog surrounded me.” – (Daniel revealed the pain of that night)

    Daniel was taken to the City Hospital and was in a coma for five weeks.

    How Love Knocked His Doors?

    His family came to meet him. But he didn’t recognize anyone’s face due to his blindness. And then he thought to commit suicide. He felt that nothing is left in his life anymore.

    He tried to jump out. But Anna pulled him back from the edge. She developed feelings for him. And quit her job to be in a relationship with him.

    “I enjoyed his flirting. He was funny, clever, and entertaining. I enjoyed his company so much.” – Anna Catania

    “On our first date friends collected me, we picked up Anna and went for dinner. They left us in town, and I kissed her the first time.” – Daniel Rotariu

    You can find your true love even if you end up everything in your life. You never know when your true love will enter your life.

    A life-ending beginning found it’s reliving and happy ending.