Marianne Williamson and Stephen Colbert talk peace, love in the Late Show


    On one of the most popular shows in history, Stephen Colbert welcomed Marianne Williamson on Monday night. The guest also is known to be a ‘spiritual guru’ and will be a participating in the 2020 election of America as Democratic presidential candidate.

    In the late-night program of Stephen Colbert, he read her long list of accomplishments. In the file, he included activism work as well as he mentioned her series of bestselling self-help books. Then the show went on, and Marianne answered questions fired at her by the host. There she was mainly to promote her recent book named ‘A Politics of Love.’

    Late show with Stephen Colbert

    Initially, Stephen asked her what things she considers that set her apart from the rest of the packed Democratic candidates. Upon this, the ‘spiritual guru’ turned presidential candidate said that she wants to be an agent of change and mentioned that she doesn’t want to be an agent of chaos.

    Marianne also clarified that though she promotes love and peace, but she wouldn’t stop sending the U.S. military into war. Instead of that, she will establish a ‘Department of Peace’ which will make sure that conflicts will be less likely to occur.

    Marianne said that the Pentagon has a budget of $750 billion while the State Department is given $40 billion to run on. Out of this, only $1 billion is spent on peacebuilding. Though there is some form of peace departments, she clarified that she would increase the budget in those departments to have more impact.