Marvel Comes Up With Its New Installment Of Marvels Zombies This Halloween


    Marvel Comics has readied itself to give us a scare this Halloween by coming up with its Marvel Zombies.

    Release Date and Title of the new comic…

    A new teaser of Marvel Zombies was released by Marvel Comics yesterday in which we can see Captain America, Deadpool, and Wolverine as zombies on the cover. Inhyuk Lee does the artwork for a new Marvel Zombies project titled Marvel Zombies: The Dead Will Walk Again. The release date of the comic book, as shown in the teaser is October 2019.

    There’s no official information about this new Marvel project as of now. No names have been revealed who is in the creative team. We don’t know if it’s a one-shot, miniseries, or ongoing. Nothing about the plotline of the comic book is being revealed.

    About Marvel Zombies…

    Marvel Zombies first started in December 2005 and ended on April 2006. It was a five-issue miniseries which is a spinoff of Ultimate Fantastic Four. The story takes place in an alternate universe on Earth-2149 where Marvel heroes including the X-Men, Avengers and Fantastic Four get infected by the zombies’ infection. Due to the infection and hunger for flesh, Marvel heroes and villains consume all the organic life on Earth and then try to find a new food source.

    Marvel Zombies spin-offs…

    Marvel Zombies

    Marvel Zombies was written by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead and drawn by Sean Phillips. Arthur Suydam drew the covers for the comic. Marvel Zombies was such a hit that it became a mini-franchise. Many spin-offs were made which include Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, Marvel Zombies Return, Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution, Marvel Zombies: Supreme and Marvel Zombies: Destroy. It also crossed over with Dynamite Entertainment’s Army of Darkness.

    Nothing much has been revealed about Marvel Zombies: The Dead Will Walk Again so far. Fans will have to wait to know more about the book.