Marvel Zombies From Marvel Comic Will Be Back In October This Year, See What’s New?


    Marvel Zombies, the famous Marvel Comic franchise is renewing again for its third installment. You will see that soon in October 2019 only. The publisher revealed the debut date for the comic with a poster that was created by artist Inhyuk Lee. From the teaser, we can at least gauge that this time the walking dead can be Captain America, Wolverine, and Deadpool.

    The Creative Team Involved

    Though we do not have exact information about the creative team involved in it, the line “The dead will walk again” is hinting towards Robert Kirkman’s involvement. Robert, the ‘Walking Dead creator,’ was the one who worked on Marvel Zombies’ first two miniseries.


    Marvel Zombies Storyline

    If we talk about it, then they first came into existence in 2005 in Ultimate Fantastic Four #21. The comic there was at a stage where Reed Richards opened a doorway to an alternate Marvel Universe. This happened when Reed gets tricked. The alternate Marvel Universe was the origin of Marvel Zombies as the zombie virus wrecked the place. The storyline eventually became the plot for a spin-off with Marvel Zombies at the core of it. Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips worked on it. Later the series turned into many sequels, prequels, crossovers with other Marvel franchises like Marvel Apes and Army of Darkness with different artists.


    Well, the concept was recently in view when it was rebooted in 2018 with the name Marvel Zombie. Revolving around undead hero Simon Garth, the storyline again opens up a doorway to super-powered zombies in another alternate universe.

    The Upcoming Project is Reboot or Sequel?

    Whether this upcoming comic will be a reboot or a sequel to the previous Marvel Zombies, is not clear right now. We can expect further confirmation in the Comic-on that will be held later this month.