Marvel’s Spiderman: Far From Home End Credits Revealed Too Much: Spoiler Alert!


    The end credits of the latest Marvel movie- Spiderman: Far From Home which was released on 28 June has made big revelations in its end credits. Spoiler alert!

    As usual, the end credits of the movie have given us a lot to dwell on

    If the audience in the cinema hall isn’t leaving their seats even after the film has ended, then it’s easy to guess that it’s one of the Marvel movies and viewers are eagerly waiting for the end credits. This tradition of post-credits is what makes us look forward to the end of every Marvel movie.

    Peter Parker identity as Spiderman is revealed

    Tom Holland, spiderman

    Spiderman: Far From Home has given Marvel fans a big shock in the form of Skrulls. It has two end credits- one mid-credit and one post-credit. The mid-credit shows Peter Parker (Tom Holland) with his new girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) swinging through the New York City streets when suddenly J. Jonah Jameson, the former Daily Bugle editor ( J.K. Simmons) appears on a billboard and announces that Spiderman is a villain.

    A video then plays on the screen which is manipulated such that it looks like Spiderman was responsible for the drone attack on London and killed Mysterio. But the biggest shock comes as Jameson reveals the true identity of Spiderman as a local high schooler Peter Parker with his photo on the screen. So now, Peter Parker’s secret is out in the open, and we can very much guess that the next movie will revolve around him trying to clear his name off the allegations alongside fighting off enemies who now know his true identity.

    Nick Fury was Talos, the Skrull in the movie

    The second credit plays at the end, which shows Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving and briefing someone about the recent events. But then Fury changes to Talos and Hill to the Skrull’s wife Soren whom we saw in Captain Marvel. So, throughout the movie, Talos was Fury, and Hill was Soren. Then the scene changes to Fury lounging in a spaceship which could be the Skrull’s new home.

    It’s revealed Fury was the one whom Talos was briefing which indicates that both of them have been in touch for a long time since 1995 (Captain Marvel) to 2019 (Spiderman: Far From Home) and share a good bond. It also raises doubts in our minds if in other Marvel movies any of the major characters was a Skrull for the whole time. The post-credit ends as Fury declare it’s time to get back to work. This statement carries a lot of weight and holds a lot many mysteries as to what his next mission is.

    Spiderman: Far From Home is crucial as it’s released just after the end of Avengers: End Game and is the last of the MCU Phase 3 movies. We can say that although its end credits have revealed too much, it surely has set the stage ready for Phase 4 of MCU.