Meet Stranger Things’ IRL Couple – Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer


    Fans have much to look forward to whenever the most recent iteration of their favorite television production premieres and one of the few novelties on such a list is the translation of on-screen relationships into those that spill over unto real life.

    For those dedicated to Stranger Things, such a pairing is that of actors Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, who portray characters Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler, respectively.

    Credit: Netflix

    Rumors first began circulating about relations between the two right after the first season of the massively successful sci-fi debuted back in the summer of 2016, and the pair were spotted together by the paparazzi at multiple press runs and promotional events together, something that became even more common as the long-drawn awards season came about.

    The couple never exactly confirmed their relationship, but a raft of images that graced one another’s social media in subsequent years gave observers the confirmation they’d waited for all along.

    Recently, though, fans were provided a very rare, public insight into the couple’s relationship.

    Speaking to entertainment publication Refinery29 in the run-up to Season Three’s premiere, Dyer dished out details about how dating someone with a common workplace affected daily matters, commenting that she’d grown to become grateful about sharing a professional environment with her boyfriend, something accentuated by the couple’s comfort in one another’s company.

    Of course, they’ve been through some hard times, too.

    Heaton was arrested at the Los Angeles Airport in 2017 for possession of cocaine, which made him miss the red carpet for Season Two and cast doubts over his future as part of the series, given that a potential ban from the United States was looming over his head for a while.

    The charges were, however, dismissed after further investigation.


    Fans can catch many more glimpses of the couple together on-screen in the latest season of Stranger Things, which released this week and can now be streamed on Netflix.