Meghan McCain revealed she Regularly gets Booed on ‘The View’


    Meghan McCain, co-host of ‘The View’ has revealed some inside information related to the studio. The host, who also happens to be an American columnist acknowledged that she gets ‘boos’ from the audience of the talk show. This is not something which has happened once. She said that the audience ‘boos’ her regularly.

    She added that the audience in the studio is very liberal and apart from this they are vocal too. But it seems like it does not bother her at all. She is very confident and comfortable in what she does and does not gives attention to what others are thinking.

    Apart from this incident, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain confessed about something which she regrets quietly often. Last year she said ‘I hate Hillary Clinton’ also she called her a ‘Crooked Hillary’ while the cameras were rolling. She regretted it more because Hillary was a friend of her father and also she thought that she contributed to the polarization in the county.

    The co-host of ‘The View’ also revealed that she didn’t take the offer seriously and was giving no thought to be a host in the show. But her parents talked her through this, especially her father. He said ‘You can’t ever give up an opportunity to work on a network with Whoopi Goldberg.’

    After her father passed away due to brain cancer, her mother gave her advice to keep going.