Mexican man died in ICE Custody, 7th Death in ICE Custody!


    A Mexican man in the custody of ICE in Georgia died at the hospital due to cardiac arrest, and he happens to be the 7th person to die in ICE custody in this fiscal year

    According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a Mexican man died at a hospital while in the custody of Immigration Authorities in Georgia.

    Mexican man’s name is Pedro Arriago-Santoya.
    On Wednesday, he was pronounced dead by medical staff at a hospital in Columbus, Georgia.

    According to ICE, his preliminary cause of death is “cardio-pulmonary arrest secondary to multi-organ system failure, endocarditis, dilated cardiomyopathy with a low ejection fraction and respiratory failure.”

    Mexican man died in ICE Custody, 7th Death in ICE Custody!

    Pedro was in custody since April 24, and his deportation proceedings were underway and while in custody he was ordered to be removed from the country by an immigration judge in June.

    But On July 20, Pedro Arriago-Santoya complained to staff at the detention center that he has abdominal pain, and then he was checked by a nurse practitioner.
    After that, they took him to hospital in Cuthbert, Georgia.

    The hospital found him to have Gall Bladder Disease and due to which he was transferred to a different hospital for surgery consultation on very next day.

    On 22nd July, he had a cardiac arrest twice due to which he died at the hospital.

    According to the reports, Pedro Arriago Santoya is the 7th person who has died in the ICE custody in this fiscal year.