Midsommar: The New American Horror movie explained


    “Midsommar” is an American film released on 18th of June in New York. It revolves around an American couple who is at the endpoint of break up, Dani and Christian. Christian no more wants to be with her and decides to tell her that they can’t be together with each other. But Dani’s sister kills their parents and herself too, which leads Dani to a drastic trauma.

    Christian decides to give their relationship a chance and help her to get out from this trauma. They together with their friends, plan to go on a summer vacation trip to a remote village in Sweden where the people are celebrating an old festival. That is celebrated once in 90 years.


    In starting the festival seems to be very peaceful and relaxing. The bunch of American people between the people of that village who were kind, empathetic, and helpful. They all were enjoying the eternal peace at that remote village until the once a time-honored suicide ritual begins.

    The people there explained it as giving up your body for complete rest by death. The may queen the people who will die at the end. For completing their ritual, they were giving everyone some hallucinogens through food and drinks. Due to which everyone was affected like drowning in deep thoughts of sadness etc.

    These hallucinogens indirectly make people insane, and thus, they themselves end their lives. At the most waited dance competition, that is, euphoric drug-fuelled dance ceremony, Dani is selected as next May queen among all.

    After this, all happened Dani was busy with all her messed up feelings. Simultaneously, Christian was also surrounded by a problem. As the village was remote and the coming and outing of people were not so independent, they needed new genetic material.

    They needed sperm for the new genetic material. Thus they choose Christian to have sex with multiple women from the village. This helps to gain changes among new upcoming generations to avoid diseases and to gain more chances of evolution and mutation for better adaptation in this world.


    Christian was taken to a sacred temple to have sex which the women. There he was surrounded by many naked women who readily throw themselves on him. Dani saw this scene through a peek hole on the gate of that sacred temple. She saw a woman who was very close to Christian. The fiasco filled her mind with depressing thoughts. Due to this, she starts crying, and later, all the women surround her.

    Christian starts running and finds himself in a place where all the bodies of people who have left the site by choice, stabbed to death. After this, he wakes up and finds his body paralyzed. Now Dani has a choice between Christian and villagers to choose one who will be burned alive in the house with the others as a ritual.

    How does it end?

    In the end, the place was nothing but a trap for everyone from where no one can escape.
    Asi Aster, the director, and writer of the movie is well known for showing the best human feelings, and with this film once again he proved how important love and breakups could be — leaving a perfect moral at last choosing someone to have empathy an all.
    Mind-blowing as at last, it looked like a scene from a horror movie, Midsommar.