‘Miley Cyrus’ Fails to Impress her Fans: “A Failure In Black Mirror 5”


    Miley has recently been cast in the role of a pop singer in Black Mirror season 5. She had to face alleged castigation for failing her role as a consequence of which the season has been eroded to a great degree.

    Miley of accused of ranting her real-life experience of being a pop star and talking in terms of her acting, she was a disappointment in the show.


    Miley is not the only one who is accused. Some critics are of the opinion that the entire season has been handled wrongly.

    It was aimed that the memories of the pop star would be mined and then would be marketed, but every effort seems to have messed up. The entire thing has turned so cartoonish that it is difficult to consider any aspect of it with seriousness.

    Cyrus’s character would have done wonders if a cyborg or a proper robot replaced it. Pop stars were also considered of being replaced with holograms. It is said there were many technical aspects which were supposed to be induced in the show, but everything feels out in the end. To sum it up in the proverb(reversed), “All is well, End is not well.” Miley could also be seen questioning the technological aspects of the show.

    However, the entire season including the story-line is clichéd disappointing the fans at large.