Miley Cyrus finally ends Liam Hemsworth split rumours relieving fans


    Everyone knows about Miley Cyrus’ wild side and her tumultuous relationship with Liam Hemsworth. And once again featuring in headlines, the married couple has now new problems.

    After a heated argument in a private members club in Malibu. things came under fire and speculation. Miley was acting bizarrely and almost fanatically until she was pulled aside by Hemsworth, as reported by Life & Style. And following the altercation, both of them apparently tried to ignore each other for the whole time and there was tension throughout. This incident once again put them in the spotlight and it didn’t help when Miley publicly added fuel to fire.

    What happened at Glastonbury?

    Her Glastonbury debut this week has created ripples of discussion. During her strong and aggressive performance, she ranted in the midst, “I’m fucking sick of men.”

    Well, if this couldn’t hint at split rumors, what else will?

    The Internet flooded with her fans’ worrying tweets and messages. This was way too direct and no one can just ignore it. After her rant, she continued to perform but the comment was still ringing in everyone’s ears.

    But answering a fan who directly asked if there were any problems between them.

    “Miley sang the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ and she said, ‘I’m fucking sick of men,’ I hope Miley and Liam’s relationship still going good but I’m not sure,” wrote the concerned fan.

    In response, Miley answered, “It was politically directed.”

    This surely debunked the rumors but some people still considered the answer lacking truth or genuine feel. The only thing most people hope for is that they’re still strong and okay.

    Miley and Liam met in 2009 on the sets of The Last Song. Ever since then, the couple has argued, quit things and got back together like a lot of times. And so far, we don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon.