Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven from “Strangers Things”, Age and More Information!


    15-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown from the original horror series “Strangers things” shared her experience and views for the show in her latest interview with Stephanie Marie Bernardino.

    As we all know that season three of Strangers things is all set to scare the viewers and we all can easily see how beautiful Millie plays her character “Eleven” which she thinks is somehow like her in real life, she relates with her strength.

    Millie Bobby Brown also talked about the new things that viewers are going to see in this fresh season like she said there are many new things they have added like new characters, new costumes and a new mall in the town, where she enjoyed shooting with Sadie when they did the girl’s stuff there.

    She added how she lost her voice 5 times at different times of the shoot of 8 months and thus made to scream out loud again in AV room for the vice over.

    Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven from "Strangers Things", Age and More Information!

    It is interesting to know the insiders of the show you like and more interesting is to learn more about your favorite character in real. Well as the assumptions are that this time the story will add zombies, it is truly imaginable how scary this is going be and how hard it would be for actors to work.

    Millie Bobby Brown openly talked about her first kiss with Finn like she said it was just working and in fact her parents were also there while the shoot and didn’t have any objections it is what actors do when they are asked to, and at the end I take it very positively as in future when I will grow old I can easily show and tell everyone that see this is my first kiss on the screen.

    Soon the original soundtrack for the season is also going to launch that will contain 15 songs and will be available in digital, CD and cassette form after 5 July as per announced by Legacy recordings.