Millie Bobby Brown to join MCU for the next marvel movie ‘The Eternals’


    Early last month it was Keanu Reeves whose casting in MCU became the talk of the town. Though this rumor was very short-lived. Makers soon confirmed that Reeves is not on board for any of their recent projects…

    This time some similar rumors are gaining limelight. It is rumored that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown will soon join MCU for its upcoming release ‘The Eternals’. It seems as if fans know all about the casting whereas the actress denied the casting news.

    Surprising….. Isn’t it??? Maybe some negotiations are going between the production team and Millie. That’s why the actress preferred to keep a straight face till everything finalizes. On the other hand, MCU is also not ready to unveil this crucial casting information. They won’t let fans know who is on board for this film hopefully for the next few months.

    The Eternals is not coming anytime soon. So it’s fine if they hide this information in the initial days of the making. Reportedly MCU is planning the plot of its new release. But this is for sure that they will bring something grand this time after its blockbuster release ‘Endgame’.

    In the past, Millie has played quite a few powerful roles. The most recent one is that of Eleven in Stranger Things series. The 15-year-old celebrity believes in taking up meaningful projects with some sort of underlying message for her audience. Well, that’s a great thought Millie at such a young age!!!

    Currently, she is busy promoting Stranger Things season 3 which is available on Netflix. The actress is going all over promoting her role. It would be really interesting to hear from Millie if she is joining MCU. If she does, it would a breakthrough for her career.