Millie Bobby Brown wants more seasons after Stranger Things 3


    While Stranger Things 3 has been once again made immensely popular post its release, we now begin to look for Season 4’s announcement. And though Netflix takes three to six weeks for renewal decision, we might already know the answer.

    The sci-fi horror show has managed to garner a large fanbase and (spoiler ahead!) after a major character’s death at the end, it is very unlikely that we wouldn’t get to see more of the stranger things. Also, Millie Bobby Brown has also made her views clear regarding this.

    “I want there to be at least two or three more (seasons). I think there’s so much more to be explored. Especially, like going into the ’90s. Imagine ‘Stranger Things’ in the ’90s. I think 1997-98 would be so cool to explore,” the 15-year-old actor said in a group interview.

    What she said stands correct obviously. The show has provided us with the entertainment and thrill that others can’t. Providing homages to Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King, its Netflix’s ultimate show.

    Brown adding to it said, “There’s so many different ‘Transformers’ and I think that there are so many different aspects of each year that happened. I’d love for the show to have more seasons but I don’t know. I want to go for more because I love being on the set.”

    Playing our favorite character Eleven, a girl with psychokinetic abilities, Millie Bobby Brown has made her way to every viewer’s heart. And seemingly we’ll get our wish for Season 4 soon.

    “We have a good sense of stuff that happens in season 4,” Levy, the show’s executive producer told Collider in April 2018. “Season 4 is definitely happening.”

    If this isn’t confirmation enough, then what is? Definitely, as per ratings and reviews, Netflix will announce the show’s renewal for the fourth season soon.