Mindy Kaling is rolling again with her new brand partnership! Let’s check out more.


    Mindy and her work is always rock and roll and even this she is doing it both in an amazing way!

    Mindy is recently promoting a brand with a new partnership with the independent razor brand, by which Mindy is making her fans believe in safe and joyous shaving.
    Talking about the brand and their shaving products she says, it makes it easier for shaving and it’s very relaxing too. It completely relies on simpler and attainable goals. Sarah Chow the head of Joy Shave, says “With joy, we are going to bring it all back to the essentials, so everyone can shave and rinse, and get back to all the things you want to do.”
    As we all know that Mindy isn’t too much involved in beauty products and their endorsements.

    But this new partnership was a big surprise to all of her fans out there. From the sources, it says that she does not endorse any brands where she does not feel connected with the entire principal she has stuck to in her entire her career and in her wide range of creative works.

    Mindy has her new upcoming projects too and she talked about it.
    When asked about it she said, she is currently writing a movie right now for Priyanka Chopra and me to star in too. That movie will take place in India, and it will be a comedy film.

    Well, with all her upcoming projects and the new partnership with Joy company leads her to one level up than others with some witty jokes.